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Semaker platform enters facing all stereoscopic speedy the whole world moldings technology relevance enterprise and open with the amateur logon of pioneer be stationed.


Our platform is free for all users. So this business platform will not charge any service fee!


The management system of our platform adopts the B2C business model.

Platform will adopt many language automations detecting technology , language interposes automatic switching , the product beneficial to discussing the different language area marketplace room spreads by checking the consumer browser.

For the business among the convenience of customers international, Paypal is be that maturity is stable most systematic on gathering money of to business home docking an international. Being aimed at customer payment is to adopt at present popular Paypal but , Stripe (credit card payment) and Chinese alipay (pay treasure) payment system goes side by side , the payment thinning out most cybernaut with satisfied international goes to the lavatory and needs. Diversity uses much currency exchange rate to change system automatically among currency , system links up with Google exchange rate , realizes real time renewal.


The Semaker team always welcomes you to join us:

Printing our future from now!