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威布三维3DSL450工业级激光3D打印机(Wiibox 3D 3DSL450 industrial grade laser 3D printer)
威布三维3DSL450工业级激光3D打印机(Wiibox 3D 3DSL450 industrial grade laser 3D printer)
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1.       主要参数:






激光功率 ≥500mW















电源:220V  50Hz

2. 本产品的技术参数和要求的内容,仅为最低要求,投标单位必须达到或超过参数要求且须提供产品彩页(必须为印刷品)并加盖生产厂商单位公章,否则视为不能响应招标文件参数。



Wiibox 3D450 3DSL450 industrial grade laser 3D printer product bidding parameters

Name and picture

Technical parameters, specifications


Market price

Weibu 3D 3DSL450 industrial grade laser 3D printer

1. Main parameters:

Printing Technology: SLA

★Laser type: 355nm solid state laser

★Molding size: 450mm*450mm*350mm (L×W×H)

★Forming layer thickness: 0.03-0.25mm

★ Forming accuracy: ±0.1mm (L≤100mm) or ±0.1%×L (L>100mm)

Laser power ≥500mW

Equipment size: 1350mm*900mm*1880mm

Equipment weight: 950kg

Support for all 3D modeling software with STL interface

Fully automated process, CAD data driven, no special tools and tools required

★Replaceable resin tank, support one device, can print a variety of consumables by replacement

★The resin tank system has an automatic storage resin function to ensure that the resin does not deteriorate when stored for a long time.

★With lifting resin groove design and high-precision liquid level detection system, the liquid level control is more accurate and the printing process is more stable than the traditional sedimentation block system.

★The scraper adopts non-beam structure, which can realize the rapid adjustment of the scraper by means of the testing instrument, ensuring the uniformity of coating of the single-layer uncured resin layer and the forming precision of the workpiece.

★Resin vacuum adsorption system with elastic energy storage device can effectively prevent the cured parts from being scratched and greatly improve the uniformity of resin application.

★Using hot air heating, compared with the traditional method of heating the resin tank, it can control the resin temperature and avoid the deterioration of the resin, and the power consumption of the machine is lower and energy saving.

★Device control software must be upgraded free of charge for life and add new modules for free

The device control software automatically generates the scan path, automatically optimizes the print data, supports the rapid and automatic arrangement of the print data, has the intelligent coating function, has the deviation setting function, has the time simulation module, and has the automatic shutdown control function of the machine and the laser.

★The equipment control software has liquid level detection and liquid level compensation function to ensure accurate liquid level detection and automatic liquid level compensation.

Operating system: Windows7

Power supply: 220V 50Hz

2. The technical parameters and requirements of this product are only the minimum requirements. The bidder must meet or exceed the parameter requirements and must provide the product color page (must be printed) and affix the official seal of the manufacturer. Otherwise, it is considered unable to respond to the parameters of the bidding documents. .