Meshmixer 64-bit
Meshmixer 64-bit
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Meshmixer was first launched on November 29, 2009. Back then, Meshmixer only did 3 things, and learning it without a manual wasn't too hard. In the past 6 years Meshmixer has become much more complicated, but we were still stuck in that old mindset where we thought you would figure it out yourself, eventually.

Well, we were wrong! As the userbase has grown from a handful of dedicated forum users, to tens-of-thousands of students, designers, engineers, and 3D hobbyists, we have come to realize that many of you aren't getting everything you can out of Meshmixer. It seems like just about every day we hear from a user asking us to add a capability that we already have - they just haven't found it yet!

This website is our response. We can't promise that it won't be just a little bit out-of-date from time to time. But we're going to try! This is a text & pictures manual - we will point you to videos where we can, mostly made by third parties, but we are going to focus on something you can read, skim, search. 

We hope it helps!!
-The Meshmixer Team