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Polaris 北极星
Double jointed ball jointed doll (1/3 BJD)
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by bahboh

dec 23 2019: changed feet to nicer shaped, smaller 7.5cm feet to fit more standard bjd shoes. Ehhh the new knees look smooth, but have a harder time of standing than before. Still needs work

Feb 8 2020: Apparently the feet i uploaded in dec were actually 8cm. Uploaded what should be 7cm feet, new elbow, forearm, thigh, knee, calf. They're labeled with a "2" at the end. In order to use the new version of the knees, the new thigh and new calf must be used. New elbow must use new forearm, but should fit on the original upper arm. OG elbow, forearm, thigh, knee, calf still left up in case people have problems with the 2.0 versions. i think these new knees/elbows make for a nicer shape when in bent positions. Elbow/forearm straight and bent pics here https://www.instagram.com/p/B35zqepA4Qy/ . I haven't test printed the knees, but hopefully they fit nicely. ***

Mar 1 2020: fixed nonmanifold piece in knee2

See the instagram for more photos.https://www.instagram.com/saisaillias/guide/polaris/18193303021051648/?igshid=k0k36svwwwah

Elbows and knee double joints were added for increased range of movement without dislocating ball joints out of sockets. Face edited to have a more detailed nose and smaller eyes. nipples censored out. All pieces must be mirrored in your slicer other than the head and torso pieces to have both R and L sides.

She has a face up with brushed on pastels and a regular #2 pencil.
"Skin" tone paint used is Rustoleum 2x ultracover "heirloom white". I believe it's an enamel based paint type. The paint definitely contributes to providing friction for posing, hot glue sueding used. legs are floppy, but with some tight pants in addition to the hot glue, she is able to do a one legged pose.
clothes, wigs (9-10" wig), and eyes bought from ebay. The large eyes are 22mm, but i think the 18mm eyes in the recent photos i uploaded are more human looking. she's strung up pretty tightly in 3mm elastic string.

        doll             corresponding
        measurements     RL scaled up

height: 64cm 192cm/6' 3.5"
hips: 28.5cm 85.5cm/33.5in
waist: 19cm 57cm/22.4in
bust: 26.5cm 79.5cm/31.3in
feet: 7.0cm 21cm/4.5 US shoe size

in short she's not very realistically proportioned.

hands, calves from driftgirl
feet from fatlee
head, bust, stomach, upper arm from solomon262.
thigh joint, thigh inspired by shira
Face modifications, censored nipples, elbow, new forearm and knee joint by me

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